Boost Your Sales

You might be asking yourself, why do I need to improve my Google ranking.  Does being on page 1 of Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other major search engines, really means it will improve online sales?  Search engine optimization is rapidly becoming one of the most important steps to take in building a small business and absolutely critical to any online shopping web sites.  By simply being in the top 20 of Google�s ranking can dramatically improve your sales.  Many small business owners are skeptical of SEO and if that will really translate to improve sales and improve profitability.  The answer is a resounding yes.  Yes, it can absolutely improve your sales by increasing traffic to your store.

Most people now a days do not use Yellow or White Pages to find businesses and services.  They use search engines like Google that can provide them instantly with relevant sites that offers the product or service the web user is looking for.  Unlike traditional Yellow Page listings, Google search results looks at a myriad of factors, such as how long users stay on your site, reviews, who endorses you with their backlinks, etc.  Google uses the most complex search algorithms to calculate the relevance of the site to the user.  This is the reason why Google owns over 70% of all search engine searches.  Improving your organic ranking will deliver the best return on your investment.  It will provide you with far better return vs. traditional Yellow Page directory listings and most other sponsored listings.  If you are interested in growing your online traffic and your bottom line, please contact us to receive a free on-site SEO audit of your web site.