Search Engine Optimization or commonly known as SEO is a  process that utilizes a combination of on-page and off-page optimization and  various techniques and tools to help a website achieve higher rankings across  various search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, MSN’s Bing, etc.  SEO has a  very important role and is an integral part in the field of Search Engine  Marketing or the all encompassing field of Internet Marketing.  Experts in this field will work with you to develop  strategies to help promote your website and/or online business and give you a  dramatic boost in your online traffic, qualified leads, more business and ultimately  higher profits.  Helback Affordable SEO company  is an expert in search engine optimization and other online services.  Our internet marketing experts offer you  world-class optimization services paired with global experience and proven  success.  Helback offers one of the most  cost effective SEO Toronto services with guaranteed results.  We service not only clients in the Greater  Toronto Area , but we cater to all small to medium size businesses across Ontario,  and the rest of Canada.


Free SEO Audit

Before you make a commitment as to which SEO consultant to hire, we will provide you with an indepth SEO analysis of your web site to help you determine where the optimization opportunities are and where we need to focus our efforts. It will also help us determine which is the most suitable plan for your business or if we need to develop a custom plan to meet your needs. This free report will provide you with analysis of your backlinks, duplicated content, metatags, titles, internal errors, current key word ranking, and more. This in-depth SEO audit is completely free of charge and potential clients are under no obligations to hire us.

Initial Consultation

No matter how much of an expert we are in the field of search engine marketing, no one knows your business as well as you. As your online marketing partner, it is very important for us to work closely with you so we can understand your business and your needs. That’s why our SEO Project Manager will take the time and effort to learn about all the relevant aspects of your business and to understand your expectations from the online marketing campaign that we will embark on together. The learning at this stage will become the road map for us to construct your entire online marketing campaign.

Key Word Analysis

The success of the SEO campaign will hinge on us choosing the right keywords that are not only relevant to your operation but would drive more profitable traffic to your website. At this stage, we ask that you send us a list of key words and phrases that you believe are vital to your business. These keywords are used as starting points so we can conduct an in-depth analysis using internet optimization tools to determine the key phrases that would be most relevant and most likely to be converted into an actual sale. Unlike the competition, we spend a lot of time and effort on keyword analysis and keyword selection as it is critical to the success of the campaign.

On-Page Search Engine Optimization

Once the key words have been finalized, we can then begin the process of optimizing the web site. The next stage is on-page optimization which focuses strictly on techniques used to make changes to the exisiting web site in order to optimize search result ranking. This is where the rubber meets the road.
Major online search engines place the highest value on websites with quality relevant content. As a result, it is of the utmost importance that your website not only has plenty of high quality content but web content that is relevant to your business and what it is that you do. Search engines, such as Google, prefer web pages with high keyword density (but not too high) and relevant body copy. This is the reason why this is one of the most important steps in google search optimization.

At Helback Affordable SEO, we use skilled content writers to tackle the challenging task of optimizing your site to include target key phrases while at the same time provide content that make sense to an individual reading it. This way, your web site will contain not only relevant and useful information for the users but enriched with key word phrases that search engine spiders like so much.

To acheive a clean and search engine friendly site, it is important that the website is visually pleasing to the human eye, but at the same time free of any technical obstacles that would prevent your site from being properly read by search engine spiders (E.g. Excessive use of flash, images etc.). Therefore it is vital your web site can find the right balance between good visual web design and clean spider friendly source codes. Our SEO experts have a comprehensive understanding of both technical coding requirements and web design thus achieving these goals.

One of the first challenges in source code optimization is HTML tags. There are essentially three types of basic HTML tags that can influence your Google ranking: 1) Title Tags; 2) Keyword Tags; and 3) Description Tags. Helback Affordable SEO search engine optimization gurus will help you optimize these meta tags and incorporate target key words and phrases to ensure optimum search engine spider friendliness which will ultimately lead to better Google and other search engine positioning.


Many of the internet search engines have ranking algorithms that give importance to key phrases that are found in the URL of a web page. However, our Google optimization experts know and understand that due to intense competition for keyword rich domain names, it is not always possible for you to have a domain name including keyphrases related to your business. Fortunately, Helback has a solution to this problem. We would name your files and web pages using the desired keyphrases. For example, if your business provides “ecommerce solutions”. Helback would rename the web page from “info.html” to “ecommerce-solutions.html”. We would do the same for every page on your web site so that each page has a keyword embedded in the URL.


It is very critical part of the SEO to have a strong internal link architecture. This not only helps users visiting the web site but is also vital to search engine crawlers that utilizes the links to crawl and index all the web pages from your site. Because search engine spiders cannot see or comprehend images, it is important that you utilize text links throughout your site which includes targeted key words and phrases. The better the website’s internal link structure, the more likely spiders will crawl through the maximum number of pages on your website which translates to higher traffic, higher sales, and higher profits.


Once the on-site optimization process is finished, it is time to upload these new web pages to the server and then submit the new site and pages to the search engines. At Helback, we manually submit all optimized page to major search engines as well as relevant online directories.


A Google approved site map is essentially a textual representation of your website’s internal link structure. The purpose of the site map is to allow search engine spiders to have valid links to all pages of the site. The more indexed pages there are, the higher number of times that the website would be listed on a search, every time someone searches a related key phrase to your business.


Generally, it takes approximately 2-3 months for directory submissions to show up on search engines. In cases of paid directory submissions, you’ll be able to see results in a matter of a few weeks. During your SEO contract with us, we will send you monthly reports on your search engine rankings to keep you updated on your progress. We at Helback will continue to monitor your web site as you remain our client and will continue to optimize and fine tune your web site as major search engines update and implement new standards and algorithms.


Most ecommerce sites face the challenges of optimizing a dynamic web site. Generally speaking once a shopping cart is added to the web site, most websites stops being search engine friendly. This affectively derails our SEO effort and will affect your search engine ranking, traffic, and most importantly, sales! Helback has the solution to make your dynamic site search engine friendly.

You are probably asking yourself, what is dynamic content and do I have it? Dynamic content occurs when a shopping cart or a web page pulls information from a database but displays it on a single template that is created for that purpose. For example, you may have designed a standard web page to show case your product details but the information changes depending on which item is selected. Here’s an example of what a dynamic URL looks like:

Here’s what the address would like after we implement our URL rewrite:

One of the issues with dynamic pages is that it is generated from one template. As a result, the template can only have one set of meta tags, that is title tag, key words, description, etc. That means you can only target one set of meta tags regardless of how many different pages and products you have to display. For example, if you have a watch store, instead of having every one of your product pages targeting the same watch key words, wouldn’t it be great if each can target the specific brand, and even item number. Secondly, search engines hate duplicated content. If you have the same meta tags for all the different product page on your ecommerce web site, the bots will treated as duplicated content and it will hurt your SEO rankings.

The third reason is search engine spiders are afraid of dynamic pages for fear of being trapped in a dynamic web crawler trap that may be difficult for the spider to get out of and end up combing through thousands of URLs when perhaps, only a few pages would have sufficed. As a result, many SEO bots are designed to detect dynamic URL and simply avoid crawling these pages to avoid the potential dangoer of a spider trap.

The way to work around the dynamic page issue is to incorporate new scripts that rewrites the dynamically generated URLs to a static URL address. As well, we can incorporate a technique so that each page has a unique set of meta tags associated with it. None of this will change your web site’s performance of function. Below is a comparison of a dynamic URL converted to static:URL:

Here’s what the address would like after we implement our URL rewrite:


SEO is a complex process that needs constant monitoring and a skilled search engine optimization expert to adapt and change as new algorithms are being implemented by the major search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. It also requires continual link building and analysis of competitive sites as your web site climbs to the tops spots. The higher up you are in the rankings, the more people who are trying to copy what you do and better so they can knock you down. As your SEO company, we not only guarantee to deliver top search results but we will make sure you keep your hard earned ranking from your competitors.